Telangana’s newest English daily likely to serve as KCR’s mouthpiece

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Hyderabad: A new English newspaper is set to hit the stands in Hyderabad this July, but what sets the new entrant apart in the crowded Telangana media market is its high-profile owner: Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

The paper – Telangana Today – will be published by Rao’s media house, Telangana Publications Private Limited and help the CM shape public opinion. He already owns a Telugu daily, Namaste Telangana, and a television news channel, T-News.

“Apparently, KCR is not satisfied with the way existing English dailies are covering his party and government. He feels they are not giving enough positive coverage. So, he wants to have his own mouthpiece,” said Indian Journalists’ Union (IJU) secretary general Devulapalli Amar.

The opening of a new media outlet is usually cheered by local journalists as it triggers more employment and higher salaries in a highly competitive industry.

But the media fraternity is deeply worried about Telangana Today and feels the newspaper will aggravate Rao’s stranglehold on news coverage in the state.

Sources say KT Rama Rao, the CM’s and minister for information technology, is personally overseeing the content and design of the new daily.

“The focus of Telangana Today is on Hyderabad and Telangana, speaking out for the people. It is not that our paper is going to be the mouth piece of the government, we shall take the side of the people and highlighting their issues,” said Telangana Today Editor K Srinivas Reddy.

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