Ahmedabad temperature touches 49 degree Celsius; red alert issued

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Global warming seems to be taking its toll on India as Ahmedabad in Gujarat on Wednesday recorded a record high temperature of 49 degree Celsius.

Scorching heat is forcing people to stay indoors. Even the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has issued a red alert warning for people to stay at home and not venture out, lest they catch a heat stroke.

Such harsh weather conditions can cause severe health problems such as dehydration and heat stroke which, at times, can be fatal. Harsh sunlight can cause hormonal changes as well as skin cancer, hair loss and sun allergies.

The Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) has registered more than 2,800 medical cases caused by summer heat for the first fortnight of the month of May. With the mercury rising on Wednesday, the number is sure to rise.

Such an extreme temperature has been unprecedented. Ahmedabad faced such severe summers two years ago when on May 10, 2010, the temperature had risen to 46 degrees Celsius.  Other Gujarati cities, such as Gandhinagar, Kutch, Vadodara, among others, are also reeling under the heat wave.

An intense heat wave has been sweeping across the country, especially states such as Gujarat, Odisha, Bengal, Maharashtra, and the like. While Odisha received some respite with rain showers last week, the same has not been true for other states as Maharashtra battles a brutal drought situation and West Bengal is in the process of conducting an official review before declaring the state as officially drought hit.


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