Reverted to Islam, Catholic teen banned from school for wearing long skirt

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Paris: A Catholic teen who converted to Islam a year ago was sent home by school because her long skirt is too ‘Ostentatiously Religious.’

16-year-old K De Sousa, French of Portuguese origin, like each day, arrived in a long skirt at her school which is in the eastern Paris suburbs.

The skirt she was wearing was nearly to her sneakers, which the headmistress quickly spotted, decided that it appeared too religious and therefore was not allowed to enter [the school].

Marie-Christine de Sousa, the mother of the teenage girl told:

‘Yes, my daughter is French-Portugese, from a Catholic family and has converted to Islam. I always support her in her decisions and in what she chooses.

‘At the beginning of the year I allowed her to take the veil, which she removes each day before beginning class, however she wears long clothes to go to school,’ DailyMail quoted Ms de Sousa told Nouvel Obs.

In 2004, France passed a law which applies to state schools and workplaces which banned wearing of religious clothing and jewellery.

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