All that needed to know about Hepatitis C

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The virus gets passed from one to the other through transmission of blood. It could because of careless medical practices where blood of an individual comes in contact with the other. It could also get transferred to you while inking tattoos while its less likely to occur to you though sexual contact. The virus, when enters your body, it directly affects your liver. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that you may not experience any major medical issues due to it, and if you do it could be for a long-term. You may not even know that you are affected with this disease because it doesn’t show up the symptoms easily.

Don’t worry, it is curable. Traditionally, this disease was treated by weekly shots of interferon. The recovery from this treatment was very slow – it took many weeks to even a year to recover. This treatment was replaced by a medicine called direct acting agent, which had a success rate of 90 per cent. The pill was supposed to be taken one time every day. The patient could successfully recover within 12 weeks with very less to no side effects at all. But the treatment was very costly. In 2015, two new drugs were launched at an affordable price which helped to ease the treatment.

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