A man offers his daughters for a cup of coffee, a date as dowry to avoid youths to marry non-locals

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Dubai: A citizen of Emirate who has six daughters has asked grooms for just a cup of Arabic coffee and a date as dowry. Emirate is a country where payments have to be made by the groom before marrying a girl. The payment is very heavy and sometimes it costs thousands of Dirhams.

According to the news published in Arab News, a citizen of Al-Ain, Emirate took a surprising step to make marriage easier for the grooms. He told that marriage in UAE is a very costly affair which prevents many citizens of Emirate to celebrate their marriage and they are forced to marry non-local brides.

UAE President, Sheikh Zayed has issued an order that the dowry amounts should not exceed $5,400 and a sum of $8,100 should be kept as a social security in case of divorce.

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