Trump on track to win GOP nomination on first ballot, delegate analysis finds

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Washington: Donald Trump was only a tad presumptuous when on April 26 he said, “I consider myself the presumptive nominee — absolutely.”

The boastful billionaire actually does appear on his way to owning the 1,237 first-ballot votes needed to win the nomination, according to The Washington Times state-by-state delegate-allocation analysis.

Astoundingly, it looks like the Donald can get to a majority without any unbound but voluntarily committed delegates added to his total.

Going into Indiana’s Tuesday primary, the TV showman of “you’re fired” fame is short of a majority by a bit over 200 bound delegates — that is, delegates allocated to him based on state primaries or caucuses.

He now has to win those 200 in the final 10 GOP presidential nomination contests. But even if he missed the mark by 100 or fewer, it’s now considered likely that enough unbound delegates will back him rather than see the convention descend into multi ballot war.

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