Yashwant Sinha makes a U-turn; says his PM Modi comment was misunderstood

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After reports quoted BJP leader Yashwant Sinha saying that PM Narendra Modi and his government would meet the same fate as the Indira Gandhi-led Congress govt after the Emergency, the senior politician has denied having made the comment.

“I was taking part in a discussion yesterday, the subject of which was ‘Is dialogue dead’. I started by saying that consensus is the soul of democracy and consensus can be achieved only through dialogue. And therefore, dialogue cannot be dead in a country where democracy is strong and thriving,” he explained.

He added that he went on defending this position. “When some people referred to some cases of intolerance… I reminded them of imposition of Emergency by Indira Gandhi and I said that people of this country taught her a lesson in 1977. Because it is not in our spirit to be intolerant, it is not in our spirit to stifle dialogue. Therefore, both democracy is alive and dialogue is alive. That is what I said.” he said.

“Anyone who has reported anything else, has completely misunderstood what I have said and has done injustice to me,” Sinha said slamming the media.

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