Lots of state departments have done really well: Mamata

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Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today asked district magistrates to ensure that development work doesn’t get hampered after the Assembly polls are announced while lauding the performance of several departments as over 100 per cent.

“The elections may be declared in March or February. But after declaration of election no work should be hampered.  There should be no mistake. The administration and the DMs have to do election-related work but development work should also continue,” Banerjee told reporters after an administrative review meeting at the Town Hall here.

Describing development as a continuous process, she said projects already sanctioned should be implemented in accordance with the rules.

After assessing the performances of the departments under her administration, the chief minister said a lot of departments have done so well that their performance has been over 100 per cent.

Land and land reform department’s performance was 103 per cent, commerce and industries 114 per cent, higher education 116 per cent, environment 107 per cent, health and family welfare 119 per cent, women and child development 121 per cent, agriculture 123 per cent, etc, she said.

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