ISIS planned coordinated strikes at police stations in 3 states

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New Delhi: The recently busted Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) module in the country had planned to carry out coordinated strikes at police stations in Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra, investigators have learnt.

These 14 members who were arrested recently told the NIA that they were planning on attacking the police in the hardest possible manner.

All these members were operating under the banner of the Janood-ul-Khilafa-e-Hind. This is just another name that these members had taken, but in reality they were all subscribing to the ISIS. The NIA has also learnt that they had set up a proper team to oversee operations in India.

It becomes clear that the intention was not only to take orders from the ISIS, but to actively set up a group to strike in India as well. The alleged head of the outfit in India, Muddabbir Mushtaq told the NIA that unless and until they carried out a strike, they could not convince the youth to join them.

When asked what would happen to the outfit now that he has been arrested, he said that a replacement would happen in no time.

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