ABVP office attacked in Mumbai

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Mumbai: Unknown assailants attacked and ransacked the Matunga office of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad on Saturday afternoon. Activist Francis Dsouza was injured in the attack and had to be admitted to Sion Hospital for head injuries. While the Matunga police has registered a case against unknown assailants, ABVP officials have alleged that it is the handiwork of the Nationalist Students Union of India. The NSUI refuted the allegations stating that they were frivolous and unfounded.

Speaking about the attack on their South Central office located at Tulsi Pipe road, Matunga, on Saturday afternoon, Mr Yadunath Deshpande, Maharashtra state chief of ABVP said that four assailants came armed with rods and started breaking the doors and windows of the office and fled soon after.

“Some of our activists present in the office tried to chase the assailants, but they had managed to escape. One of our activists suffered injuries on the head and face and had to be rushed to Sion Hospital,” said Mr Deshpande. He further added that ABVP activists recognised the assailants to be belonging to NSUI.

NSUI national coordinator Heena Kanojia, however, refuted the allegations and said that they would never stoop so low.

“Our activists who gave chase wanted to speak with the assailants and ask them the reason for the aggravation. However, as we could not identify them individually the police has registered a complaint against unknown assailants,” said Mr Deshpande, adding that NSUI was looking for cheap publicity and gain political mileage through this stunt and portray themselves to be Dalit sympathisers.

Mr Deshpande’s reference was in connection to the suicide of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula in the hostel room of Hyderabad Central University (HCU). NSUI national coordinator Heena Kanojia, however, refuted the allegations.

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