LOGJAM: Dear Parliamentarians, Nation needs a debate today

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New Delhi: Suspension of 25 MPs, Defence Minister being called ‘theatric’ by Gandhi’s, walking of MPs in well-from name-calling to abuse of powers-to mass boycott-Parliament has seen every dirt expected in the monsoon session.

Today will be the 15th day of monsoon session of Parliament which concludes on August 13th . The session so far has been a complete washout, now turning to be an archetypal of Logjam.

Not only the money and time are being wasted in the scenario but what lawmakers are doing inside Parliament is tarnishing the image of a supreme institution in which lies the fate of the Nation and its individuals.

Both the gestures, walking of MPs in the well of House and their suspension last week were questionable but neither is solution which can lead to some substantial outcome. Suspended MPs will be back after five days, and will again create obstructions in work-and speaker too can’t suspend 25 MPs every week-feasibly not.

The crucial bills like Land Bill and GST which can act as pivots in country’s development need to be addressed.  It’s not that everyone is only careful about the ruckus there are few lawmakers who couldn’t  resist their intellectualism are taking to social media for debate for Eg. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, recently made a post on Twitter regarding pending Goods and Service Tax bill. Soon, Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyer responded Jaitely by writing a complete blog on a website’s blog. The rebuttal soon turned into a chain.

Such a step on social media is always welcome step but the right place to show this intellectualism is Parliament.

A Parliament to function demands will of the parties to move things positive in direction keeping aside their menace of dominance and leaders’ ego. Last session which saw Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi coming back from a sabbatical was a typical example of what Parliamentary proceedings should appear like. The pivotal issues like land bill, farmers suicide were being debated at that time. This was only made possible as parties and their stalwarts were in every mood to discuss the issues of public importance.

Now, the fate of important pieces of legislation lies forth to the political parties. What Mr. Jaitley and Aiyar are doing on social media should be done on the tables of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. It’s high time for these parties to leave hooliganism, theatrics and barbs and start a civil debate in National interest.

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