Irrfan readily agreed for the ‘Party Song’ video: Rohan Joshi

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New Delhi: Rohan Joshi, member of the comedy group “AIB”, said it was not difficult to rope in actor Irrfan Khan for their humorous spoof on party numbers of Bollywood.

Titled, “Party Song”, the video features Khan ditching his intense image and dancing with scantily clad women.

“This was something that we wanted to do. We had the song ready and wanted someone who was completely off the radar for party songs. So we went to him, made him listen to the song and he agreed.

There was no struggle, back story, or tears. It all just happened,” the comedian told media persons here.

Joshi was in the capital to announce the “Super 40″comedians selected for “Comedy Hunt”, India’s next big comedy stars on YouTube.

“AIB” were in news for their “Roast” of Bollywood celebrities including Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, which created a lot of controversy.

But the comedian feels that there will always be a generation gap.

“What is happening in comedy is what happens to everygeneration. You will see a generation of fault line whereyou’ll see certain people from Bollywood who get it (theroast), who intrinsically understand comedy, parody and also understand that it doesn’t mean anything.

“Then there are some other set of conservative ones who don’t get it. and I think we have to respect them both. Ifsomebody doesn’t want to do it, he doesn’t want to do it,” he said.

Comedian Gursimran Khamba, who founded the group along with Tanmay Bhatt, said the audience just want a good show and do not care about any controversy.

“To be honest, nobody cares. Nobody goes ‘oh the infamousthing which happened’. They just say its funny or its not. There is nothing much to it.”

Joshi also said that it is important in comedy, especially in a roast, that the wavelength should match.

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