Govt’s climbdown: NDA may accept some clauses of UPA’s land bill

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New Delhi: This could be the biggest climbdown by the BJP-led NDA government on the Land Acquisition Bill.

Facing an unrelenting opposition in the Parliament, the Modi government has decided to back down on the land bill, say top government sources.

Government may accept Cong’s suggestions and also accept few clauses of UPA’s land acquisition legislation.

Meanwhile, Parliamentary panel on land bill has agreed to withdraw six key amendments including dealing with consent clause.

It may be noted that the BJP’s revised Land Bill 2015 was touted as major land reform but faced stiff opposition from Congress which vowed to block it at all costs.

Though the bill cleared the Lok Sabha in March, where the government has a huge majority, it was stalled in the Rajya Sabha or Upper House, where it is in a minority.

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