Onion arrives, but in poor quality

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Vijayawada: Civil Supplies Minister Paritala Sunitha on Saturday asked officials to ensure quality of onions being sold at the subsidised price of Rs.20 a kg at Rythu Bazaars.

A few customers alleged that that the onions available at Rythu Bazaars of poor quality. “Is this the quality? When the government is spending crores of rupees, the officials are least bothered to maintain quality of the produce,” an irate customer said.

Responding to the complaints, the Minister warned that action would be taken against officials, if they turned a deaf ear to such complaints. Ms. Sunitha, along with Rural Development Minister Kimidi Mrunalini and Women Empowerment and Child Welfare Minister Peethala Sujatha, launched the distribution of onions at subsidised rate at Swaraj Maidan Rythu Bazaar here.

After per kg onion price crossed Rs.40 mark, the government had purchased 150 metric tonnes of onions from farmers in Kurnool district to supply the same to consumers at lesser price. “The government has purchased onions at Rs.40 a kg and is selling them at Rs.20 per kg. Plans have been chalked out to get additional stock from Maharashtra to cater to the needs of people, she said.

As many as 36 counters have been opened in the city for the convenience of consumers. “If necessary, we will open more counters,” Ms. Sunitha said, adding that the government has spent Rs. 27 crore on procurement of pulses which will be supplied to ration card holders at subsidised price.

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