Bigger plot behind Punjab attack: Modi on Khalistani militants radar

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Gurdaspur/New Delhi: The militants holed up at Gurdaspur have not made any demands as yet. They are clearly fidayeens part of a major suicide squad and this attack has raised fears about the possibility of Punjab militancy returning.

A month before the general elections of 2014, there was a strong suspicion that the Punjab militancy may be revived to disrupt the polls. There was also a specific alert stating that Narendra Modi’s rallies in Punjab and the Delhi area may be targeted.

The talk about Punjab militancy has been doing the rounds since long now. They had carried out a blast at Ludhiana in 2007 which suggested that the group was crawling back into business. There was an attempt to smuggle in a large cache of arms into Delhi last year and investigations revealed that an attempt was being made by the Babbar Khalsa International to target politicians.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that the Babbar Khalsa International and other Khalistan groups have always aimed at political assassinations. The ISI which has been sheltering these militants for over a decade had ensured that these militants trained alongside the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. However, when they decided to re-launch the India operations they wanted these militants to work on their own and not use any of the routes or modules which are set up by the Lashkar in India.

The ISI realises that groups such as the BKI are fierce in nature and they fight hard. According to the IB, targeting Narendra Modi would be a high profile assignment and in case they succeed then it would mark a major come back for Khalistan militants. Targeting a leader of that stature would mean an all-out war in India between these militants and the security forces and this would ensure that the ISI’s agenda in India is furthered.

IB officials also point out that these Khalistan groups usually operate by undertaking a major bomb blast. In the blasts that are carried out by these groups they use RDX which is ten times the impact when compared to ammonium nitrate. They also believe in fidayeen strikes and have been training hard for the same across the border.

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