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Public warned against helping beggars in Riyadh

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RIYADH: The Ministry of Interior renewed its warning to citizens and residents on Friday against showing any sympathy to beggars or extending any kind of help to them.

According to statement from the Interior Ministry, penal action will be taken against all those who aid and abet beggary and beggars who are arrested on the streets. Expatriate beggars will be deported irrespective of their nationalities and locals will be rehabilitated in their respective hometowns , the statement said.

Around 85 percent of the arrested beggars are foreigners mainly from African countries. Beggars are a menace to the motorists, shoppers and pedestrians on the streets.
The Ministry of Social Affairs has been coordinating with police to carry out an intensive and organized campaign to fight begging during the month of Ramadan. The campaigns are being conducted near traffic lights, mosques, public gardens, markets and ATM machines.

Three months ago, in a predawn raid in the capital, the police arrested 158 beggars including 25 children from different nationalities in districts of Salehiya and Manfouha in Riyadh. According to Riyadh police chief Maj. Gen. Saud bin Hilal, the police chose the unusual time for the operation as gangs during the day alert each other through mobile phones of an approaching police team.

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