Osmania General Hospital has its 1st liver transplant

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Hyderabad: The first liver transplant from a brain dead patient to a live donor was carried out at the Osmania General Hospital on Tuesday. The Jeevandan organ donation scheme began in January 2013, but only three kidney transplants have been carried out at the OGH.

The hospital did not have facilities for liver transplant, and the surgeons were not trained, but some of those issues have been sorted out. Following Tuesday’s transplant, government hospitals are now looking to the Osmania General Hospital to perform both kidney and liver transplants.

Dr Madhushan Rao and his team in Osmania General Hospital were elated but are waiting for the recipient to recover completely. The brain dead donor of the liver was Inukonda Mamatha, 57, who suddenly lost consciousness in Warangal on June 3. She was admitted to Care Hospitals, Banjara Hills, for treatment and was declared brain dead on June 8. The family agreed to donate her kidneys, liver, two heart valves and two corneas. The rotation system is followed in donating organs to hospitals, and the liver was scheduled for Osmania General Hospital.

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