Big blow to AAP: After Tomar, another MLA in ‘fake’ degree row

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New Delhi: Controversy over ‘false’ educational qualification seems to have engulfed one more Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA, Surender Singh.

Reports have emerged that AAP MLA Surender Singh has also ‘forged’ his degree as the university from where he graduated doesn’t have his records.

This comes as a major blow for the AAP govt as Surender Singh becomes second legislator to get embroiled in the controversy over ‘false’ educational qualification.

The Delhi High Court is currently scrutinizing the degree held by AAP MLA Surender Singh.

Few days back, BJP leader Karan Singh Tomar filed a petition in Delhi High Court challenging Surender’s election. Following this, the court issued a notice to the AAP MLA for allegedly giving false information on his educational qualification in the election affidavit.

The BJP leader claims AAP MLA misrepresented his BA degree from Sikkim University.

According to the petitioner, the varsity said it did not have any record of a student named Surender Singh.

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