Andhra Pradesh, Telangana spooks run riot in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: The common capital Hyderabad has become a battleground for intelligence agencies of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The two state governments are alleging that the intelligence departments are snooping on each other’s government.

While the Telangana police says that the Andhra Pradesh police has no right to carry out any political intelligence in Hyderabad, particularly against the Telangana government, Andhra Pradesh intelligence says that since Hyderabad is the joint capital and as the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and other state and political installations are here, they have equal rights.

Incidentally both intelligence offices work from the same building, at Lakdikapul, as do the two ACBs that function out of a building in Banjara Hills.

A senior Telangana police official said, “Andhra Intelligence should not resort to intelligence work in Hyderabad. However, we are accepting it as long as it is for the requirement of their government in Andhra Pradesh. But we will never accept them snooping on our government.”

Since the cash-for-vote case, both agencies have stepped up activities of keeping tabs on both governments and the two ruling parties – TDP and TRS.

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