Bird flu pushes poultry industry to the edge

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Hyderabad: The outbreak of bird flu has cast a shadow on the poultry industry with the steady decline of the market for broiler chicken and eggs.

The poultry farm-owners are worried over the decline in the sale of chicken and eggs,

They are incurring huge losses due to no market following the bird flu scare. There are around 100 and odd layer poultry farms in the district producing 18 lakh to 20 lakh eggs per day, which is highest in the region.

The outbreak of bird flu had become a cause for concern. Even schools and Anganwadi centres which serve eggs for mid-day meals have removed egg from their menu.

Ramana Reddy, owner of Sneha poultry farm in Mallapur village of Thimmapur mandal said that eggs rate had come down to Rs 2.40 per piece and huge stocks have been piled up.

“We will get profit only if we sell each egg at the rate of Rs 2.80 or Rs 3. But, we are forced to sell at Rs 2.40 per egg incurring losses. There is no movement of eggs within the State and outside also”, he complained.

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