Centre bought Nizam jewels after Supreme Court order

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Hyderabad: Khaja Aijazuddin, a city-based advocate, requested the PMO under the RTI Act to provide a copy of the inventory of the jewels and under what provision of law the jewellery was purchased by the Centre. He also wanted a copy of the resolution passed by the legal heirs of Nizam or Nizam Trust giving consent for authorising the sale of Nizam jewels to the Centre.
The PMO has forwarded his application through the Union home ministry to the Union ministry of culture and the latter in its reply made it clear that no proposal is under consideration of the ministry with regard to sending back the jewellery to Hyderabad.
The ministry has stated that the jewellery was purchased by the Centre on the orders of the SC in a civil case in 1994. The Trustees of Nizam Jewellery Trust and Nizam Supplemental Trust handed over 173 items of jewellery on Jan 12, 1995 at Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Mumbai, to the ministry of culture and thereafter the jewellery was shifted to the vaults of RBI. The ministry said it has rightly kept the jewels in its custody after the SC order.
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