Telugu Desam Party leader attacked

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Tadepalligudem (West Godavari) MPTC member G. Dorababu and his family were on way to Hyderabad to meet relatives on Wednesday night in their car. Dorababu was driving, while his father, wife and two kids were also in the car. When the car reached the Suryapet highway two men signalled them to stop.

Thinking that they were policemen in plainclothes Dora-babu slowed down. Suddenly one of them pulled out a gun and started shouting at him to get off the vehicle. An alarmed Dorababu increased the speed. The gunman fired at a side window and the bullet pierced Dora-babu’s shoulder.

The victim and his family think if he had not moved fast the attackers would have fired more injuring everyone. “I did not realise that I was shot for at least five minutes. There was no pain. I saw the blood only after my wife asked me to check if I was injured,” said Dora-babu, who is a TD leader. He is now in hospital.

Dorababu’s wife, Sandhya, and their kids a 10-year-old boy and an eight- year-old girl, panicked when the criminal pulled out the gun. “I knew it was not the police when I saw the gun. I told my husband to move fast. As he pressed the accelerator we heard the shot and the window shattered,” said Sandhya.

Although injured Dorababu did not stop. After sometime they stopped near a dhaba and asked for the police station and drove to the Suryapet police station.

“There they came to know that a shooting took place at the bus station and cops were injured. The police took him to hospital where doctors said the bullet had hit his shoulder bone,” said cousin G. Madhu-sudhan.

Dorababu and his family started from their Jagannadha-puram village on Wednesday afternoon. Doctors said that his condition is stable after surgery and that the bullet was successfully removed.

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