Patna bombs probe: Milk cans used in place of pipes

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Patna: As the probe into the Patna bombs progress, the police have found that there was a slight change in the pattern compared to the earlier blasts that were carried out during the Hunkar Rally and at Bodhgaya. This time the police have found that instead of pipes the group has used milk cans to package the bomb.

The milk can concept is relatively new and the same was used to ensure that the explosion was more powerful. Moreover they have also found that ammonium sulphate was used in the preparation of the bombs.

The milk can that was used has come as a surprise to the investigators. In all previous instances the packaging of the bombs were either in pipes or tiffin boxes. It appears as though they were trying something new, an NIA official informed.

The other aspect that the NIA has found that these bombs were meant to be extremely powerful in nature. Hence they decided not to use the pipes. In a pipe the amount of explosives that can be packaged is much less compared to a milk can. Each of these bombs were meant to weigh 20 kilograms and this goes on to show the magnitude of the planning.

However the NIA says that going by the initial round of investigation it does not appear as though this was the handiwork of the SIMI. It looks like someone wanted to settle political scores. However we are not ruling out anything and the investigations are still at a very preliminary stage, the officer also informed.

The NIA says that the Bihar police are on the look out for these four persons and once they are nabbed a better picture would emerge.

The NIA team is in Bihar to assist the local police. Information relating to previous incidents are being sought to analyse the similarity in the modus operandi. So far it has been found that the Lotus clock timer is the most similar feature between the Patna incident and the previous two attacks.

The NIA is also planning on questioning some operatives who have been arrested in connection with the Bodhgaya and Hunkar blasts to see if they can get more clues into this case.

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