Sunanda Pushkar murder case: Amar Singh keeps mum after SIT interrogation

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New Delhi: Former Samajwadi Party (SP) leader and Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament (MP) Amar Singh, who was questioned on Wednesday by a special investigative team of the Delhi Police in connection with murder case of Sunanda Pushkar, chose to keep mum over the nature of the enquiries.

“I was questioned for two hours. The questions asked by the SIT and what I replied to them are not supposed to be disclosed. I respect [Congress president] Sonia Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor a lot. Whatever I knew about Sunanda, I told the police about it,” Singh told the media.

“There is no point in hiding the truth, more so when the matter of gruesome murder has come to light. That does not mean that I do not wish well for Shashi Tharoor or I am accusing Shashi Tharoor of any conspiracy. After all, he was my friend’s husband. So, the question of accusing anybody does not arise,” he added.


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