British jihadi bride who fled to Syria has written guide on how to be a war widow, sparking rumours her husband has been killed

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Syria: A 20-year-old Aqsa Mahmood who left her privileged life in Glasgow for jihad in Syria. Aqsa has written a guide on how to be a war widow, sparking rumours her Islamic State fighter husband has been killed.

According to a Dailymail report, Aqsa who recently taken to social media and hit out at Mujahideen for ‘failing to tell their wives what will happen to them after they die’.

Aqsa sparks row about the period of iddah in one recent post, she said: ‘Sisters, it is very important you read up on all the information you can find on your Iddah [period of waiting], it’s rules and regulations.”You already knew you wanted to marry a Mujahid, so why did you not read up on what will be the rulings for you after his departure?

The report further said that ‘Most importantly know your rights as a Muslimah. ‘Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do such and such when you are allowed. Don’t live in ignorance, ukhti [my sister].’

She has also previously advised women who wanted to be Islamic State wives to bring clothes, books and cosmetics to Syria

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