PDP says talking to BJP, lists conditions for govt-formation in J-K

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Jammu: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday confirmed that it is holding “track-II” dialogue with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for government formation in Jammu and Kashmir as it listed out a number of conditions with an assertion that there will be no “sell out” on “core” issues like time-bound revocation of AFSPA.

PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said if the ‘track-II’ talks take some direction, the two parties will firm up a Commom Minimum Programme and then hold a structured dialogue. Insisting that he was not “power hungry”, the former chief minister said he wants to bring the state out of a “quagmire” that it is in.

His statement came against the backdrop of a meeting his close aide and MLA Haseeb Drabu had with governor NN Vohra last evening to inform him about progress in the government formation efforts.

“Track-II dialogue with BJP over the formation of government in Jammu and Kashmir is in progress,” Sayeed said while addressing party leaders here.

“Once the track two dialogue gets some direction, a structured dialogue or the ‘track-I’ dialogue on the formation of a Common Minimum Programme will be initiated,” he said.

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