Why are sperm counts falling? Contraceptives in drinking water and chemicals in some plastics may be to blame, scientists claim

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BPA is found in some plastics used to make food containers, bottles and coatings in tin cans, and is also commonly used in thermal paper in cash register receipts.

But researchers claim BPA can disrupt hormones, raising the risk of a wide number of health problems such as diabetes, obesity and cancer.

The chemical has already been banned in baby bottles in Europe because of safety fears.

But the transparent resin is still used to line most plastic and tin food packaging – despite the calls for an all-out ban by campaigners.

The UK Food Standards Agency says strict regulations mean that the health risk from food packaging is minimal.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned BPA from baby bottles in 2012, but said there was not enough evidence for a wider ban and has found the chemical safe at low levels.


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