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Aged above 25 will not get admission into OU

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Hyderabad: Osmania University has decided not to allow students aged above 25 years to get admission into any of the course available at OU from the upcoming year.

“There are many students aged above 25 years who are pursuing their Ph.Ds. Most of them lack clarity in their academics. Therefore, from the upcoming year, we will make sure on making them more employable rather than enrolling them in further academic programmes,” said E Suresh Kumar, the university’s new registrar.

“The age between 25 and 35 is the most productive phase of any youth. We feel that those students should not waste their time on the campus but contribute to society,” he added.

To increase students’ employability, the Equal Opportunities Cell of the university will be holding training classes to be conducted by Dr V Nagesh, psychologist and personality development trainer.

The classes will be run under the aegis of Human Rights and Duties Education developed by the University Grants Commission. Starting Friday, the sessions will be held at various auditoriums in the city twice a month. The first session will be held at Tagore Auditorium at 2 pm on Friday.

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