French citizenship awarded to Muslim hero of Paris attack

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France: A Malian-born Muslim, Lassana Bathily, 24, has been granted French nationality for his “courage” and “heroism” which he showed at kosher supermarket attack in Paris.

Mr Lassana was in the store’s stockroom when gunman Amedy Coulibaly burst in upstairs, killing four people on January 9.

With his quick-thinking and bravery, Mr Lassana guided petrified customers to safety in a supermarket chiller and has since been praised around the world.

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve praised Lassana for his presence of mind and said Lassana “act of humanity has become a symbol of an Islam of peace and tolerance.”

Shy and reluctant Lassana does not consider himself a hero, said, ‘I am Lassana. I’ll stay true to myself.’

Lassana Bathily has lived in France for the past nine years and applied for French citizenship last year.

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