Air Force One- symbol of US Presidency evoking awe, wonder

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New Delhi: Partly dipped in blue, carrying an unmatched aura that evokes awe and wonder wherever it goes, ‘Air Force One’, the Presidential aircraft of the United States of America is a star in its own right.

The 70-meter-long customised aircraft, proudly emblazoned with the words ‘United States of America’ across its shining body, has come to symbolise American Presidency over time.

The aircraft, also called the ‘Flying White House’, enjoys a celebrity status even without the President on board, going by the media attention it hogs throughout the world.

While technically, ‘Air Force One’ is the official radio call sign used for a United States Air Force aircraft when the President is aboard, two customised Boeing 747-200B Jumbos have essentially come to represent its enduring image.

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