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RTI’s against Police got Afaq framed on false charges: Lawyer

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Hyderabad: Advocate Sultan Beary, who is defence counsel for the prime accused Dr. Syed Ismail Afaq in the Indian Mujahiddeen (IM) ‘terror’ module case alleged that his client Afaq had been framed for his activism.

Dr Syed Ismail Afaq was detained by the Bengaluru police earlier this month in connection with a recently while heading to an acupressure camp in Jayanagar in Karnataka town.

High court lawyer Beary said,“If the police were so confident of the case, what is the need to make false claims of the place and time of arrest?”

“Bhatkal town is being branded like a surrogate for Pakistan by the police. My client’s wife is unnecessarily being dragged into the case,” Beary said, mentioning that Afaq wife is a Pakistani national.

“Just because he visited his Pakistan-based in-laws often, it does not make Afaq a terror suspect. His wife recently gave birth to their baby in India. In fact, his wife’s sister is also married to a person from Bhatkal. The police are trying to portray Bhatkal as a mini-Pakistan,” he added.

Beary further said, “It is evident that the police are trying to foist a false case on my client. They have not followed the protocol in the arrest. The Karnataka State Human Rights Commission and the National Human Rights Commission should look into the matter.”

“Along with Afaq, the police had apprehended his brother as well, but he was let off. Why are they targeting only Afaq? He filed several RTI applications and questioned the conduct of police officers in Bhatkal. There is a plan behind framing Afaq,” Beary alleged.

“The police are hiding a few facts. They have informed the court that he was arrested from home with the evidence. But in reality, he was nabbed on Hirachand Road in Bengaluru and then taken to his house. The time of his arrest is different from what has been stated in the FIR. Why has this happened? This needs to be probed,” he said.

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