Common man hit by Additional 2 rupees VAT on Petrol and Diesel in Telangana

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Hyderabad: The common man in has been by the action of Telangana government when they took a surprising decision on Saturday. The state government imposed Rs 2 as VAT (value-added tax) on sale of petrol and diesel per litre.

After this decision petrol and diesel in Telangana becomes costlier by Rs 2 when compared to the rest of the country.

The new offsetting of Rs 2 price cut announced by OMCs was countered by the government in this manner. In the city, petrol will now be sold for Rs 66.49 and diesel for Rs 54.88 per litre against the original price of Rs 64.49 and Rs 52.88 respectively.

TG government seems to be adopting tactics like the Centre while increasing VAT in rupee terms and not on percentage terms stating that VAT on fuel sales continues to remain at 31 per cent. The move will result in state getting additional revenue of Rs 80 crore per month.

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