Pakistan backing proxy war in Kashmir: Indian Army chief

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New Delhi: Accusing Pakistan of continuing to support “proxy war” in Jammu and Kashmir despite suffering casualties due to terror on its soil, Army Chief Gen Dalbir Singh today said threats and challenges have been growing because of the “active borders”.

The Army Chief said one will have to “wait and watch” if Pakistan Army has had a change of heart since the gruesome attack on an Army school in Peshawar last month that drew condemnation in India.

He also said that Indian security forces are carefully watching the situation in Afghanistan and its possible spillover into India.

“Threats and challenges have been growing, both in intensity as well as commitment, because of active borders that we have,” Singh said addressing his annual press conference.

Talking about the security situation in militancy-hit Jammu and Kashmir, the Army chief said, “Pakistan is supporting proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir despite suffering casualties within their country”.

He was referring to the recent casualties that the Pakistan Army had at the hands of Taliban militants.

Singh lauded the Army and other security forces for ensuring a safe environment to voters in Jammu and Kashmir which saw a high turnout in the recent Assembly election.

“People were confident of coming out to vote. Army and other security forces worked tirelessly not for weeks but months,” he said.

The Army chief pointed out that 2014 saw the highest number of terrorists being neutralised in the state in recent years and put the figure at 110, out of which 104 were killed by the force.

Last year, 65 terrorists were killed. Singh said the high figure showed the effectiveness of the counter insurgency grid that the Army has set up in the state.

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