BJP to win 35 seats in Delhi, AAP may get 29: Opinion poll

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New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may win half the seats in the 70-member Delhi Assembly, falling just short of a clear majority, as per the projection of an opinion poll on Monday.

AAP is looking to make a strong challenge and is likely to win 29 seats, one more than what it had last time, in the February 7 elections, according to the ‘India TV-CVoter’ opinion poll.

Congress, however, was projected as doing worse than last time, when it hit a low of eight seats and was relegated to third position behind BJP and AAP. The forecast gave it only five seats.

BJP had won 31 seats in the last elections, which were held in December, 2013.

BJP is expected to get 42 per cent of the votes while AAP was tipped to corner a 40 per cent vote share followed by Congress with only 11 per cent of the votes. The three parties had last time received 33, 29 and 25 per cent of the votes in Del, respectively.

According to the opinion poll, the saffron party is projected to win nine seats in central Delhi, 11 in outer Delhi and 11 in the trans-Yamuna region while the corresponding figures for AAP is nine, 14 and six.

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