BJP MPs stay at lavish hotel, splurge taxpayers’ money

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New Delhi: Narendra Modi dispensation has time and again asked its MPs and people’s representatives to lead by example, but a Right to Information (RTI) finding depicts the contrary picture where BJP MPs seem to be ignoring government’s austerity call.

The information obtained through an RTI application says that many Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MPs stayed at lavish hotel with bill running into crores. Apparently, they enjoyed ‘lavish stay’ at five-star hotel on taxpayers’ money as the expenditure was borne by the government.

According to the RTI finding – till November 15, 2014, about 92 MPs, mostly from the BJP have stayed at Ashoka Hotel in Delhi since their election, even though they had been allotted government accommodation. The bill for their prolonged stay at premium hotel is set to run into crores.

RTI activist Chadrasekhar Gaod who got the report out said, “It is clear from the report that some of these ministers have stayed in hotels for 6-7 months.”

According to rule, an MP must shift to government accommodation once the house is allotted to him or her.

BJP MPs when asked, came out strongly in their defence and said there was nothing wrong in their hotel stay, as the data obtained through RTI was outdated.

BJP MP from North East Delhi Manoj Kumar Tiwari said, “I have not stayed at the Ashoka hotel after December.”

His views were echoed by another BJP MP Maheish Girri who said, “The details available are outdated. They have not deleted our names from the list.”

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