Bachelor Sadhvi Prachi backs ‘hum do, humaare chaar’

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Bhilwara (Rajasthan): BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi provide backing to party MP Sakshi Maharaj that each Hindu family should have four children and raise the slogan of “hum do, humaare chaar.”

The statement came when Sadhvi Prachi was addressing a gathering at Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Virat Hindu conclave in Bhilwara on Sunday

Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi warning, the VHP looks adamant to desist itself from making such controversial statements.

“A lion doesn’t have just one child… we also need four children in each family. One will fight the enemies on the border, give one to saints, give another to VHP for social work,” Prachi said.

According to ANI “We need four children (from Hindu women),” Sadhvi Prachi said.

Prachi’s statement comes days after BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj stirred a controversy calling upon Hindu.

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