McDonald’s apologises over foreign objects, including a human tooth found in food

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New Delhi: Officials of McDonald’s Corporation in Japan apologised on Wednesday for a human tooth, plastic pieces and other objects found in the chain’s food.

A child’s mouth was injured after a piece of plastic was found in an ice cream sundae in December.

The fragment had fallen into the dispenser while being assembled, according to McDonald’s.

Another customer who bought a Big Mac set in August last year found a tooth in the fries.

However, McDonald’s said none of its employees at the outlet or its suppliers had lost a tooth, and there were no signs the tooth had been fried.

Senior executive Takehiko Aoki denied such cases highlighted an overall quality-control problem and called them “isolated” cases.

Aoki acknowledged there were other cases, including metal in a pancake and plastic in a McMuffin, but declined to give a tally of the incidents. He said it was possible that outsiders had planted the tooth and other items.

Pieces of plastic were found in the Chicken McNuggets, delivered from a plant in Thailand.

One was blue, and so it could have fallen in during production, but the other was clear, a type not used at McDonald’s, officials said.

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