Slapping Mamata’s nephew is attempted murder? Arbitrary charges not new for TMC

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The twenty-five-year old engineering student who slapped Mamata Banerjee‘s nephew Abhishekh Banerjee during a rally in East Midnapore ended up in hospital with a severely bleeding head and other injuries. After all, Abhishek’s fans – yes, they exist – wouldn’t take such an insult to their leader lying low.

According to a report on The Telegraph, nearly 25 to 30 men, who beat up the youth haven’t been identified or arrested. And even if they are their charge would be attempt to commit culpable homicide. However, Debasish Acharya, the accused youth, has been charged with attempted murder.

Now unless the West Bengal CM’s nephew has the strength of a mosquito, slapping anyone once could not have amounted to an ‘attempted murder’. However, logic is obviously secondary when it comes to the kin of the most powerful person in West Bengal at present.

The ‘attempted murder’ charge has been met which much shock and ridicule by consumers of news but it must be pointed out that under Trinamool’s reign in West Bengal slapping arbitrary charges under laws taken out of context is nothing new. Here’s a hit-list of some of the citizens of Bengal Acharya has for company.

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