No wrong number: Inspired by PK, UP IG declares fight against superstition

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Lucknow: Inspired by Aamir Khan-starer ‘PK’, senior IPS officer Amitabh Thakur today formed a trust aiming to work against superstition and encourage rational thinking among masses.

Thakur, Inspector General of UP Police (Civil Defence), has formed ‘PK-OMG Trust’ supporting people working in the field of rationalism and anti-superstition.

“We have founded the trust named after Umesh Shukla directed ‘OMG'(Oh My God) and Raj Kumar Hirani directed ‘PK’, two powerful films on these subjects. The trust will work against superstition and obscurantism and to encourage rational thinking”, Thakur said.

As the two films raises very pertinent questions about the existence of god, the place of religion in the society and the massive loot taking place in the country in the name of religion; thereby catching the common man’s attention to these serious issues, he said.

Thakur explained the reason for naming the trust on ‘PK’ and ‘OMG’ as it shows “disagreement” with the people who protested over these movies.

Instead of giving space to open ideas and thoughts, the “unwarranted” protests were done to continue binding masses through blind religiosity, he said.

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