Indian wives needs NOC from husband to travel abroad

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Hyderabad: In a hilarious demand by travel agents for processing of papers of a married woman who are willing to travel abroad, to get No Objection Certificate from the woman’s husband.

It doesn’t matter if she is professionally employed or financially independent. They need it because, the Indian travel agents think it’s mandatory. Worse, these agents assume such an NOC is required by over 30 Muslim countries worldwide.

This came to light when Mahesh Shantaram shared a photograpg on Facebook , a travel agent processing his wife’s papers for a trip to Malaysia asked them to get an NOC.

When the couple were adament not to produce the NOC, the agent insists on NOC, saying without this she cannot travel.

After clearing the air, later out they found that it was a practice with travel agents to ask married Indian women for NOC, of course with the assumption that they are not supposed to go out alone without their husbands’ assent.

What if she don’t have husband ? get an NOC from father replied agent .

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