In Kawal, the leopard soldiers on

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Adilabad: As much of the wildlife conservation effort in Adilabad remained concentrated on tiger so far, the leopard has been seemingly left to fend for itself against the threat posed by poachers. At least two of these animals have been killed in the Kawal Tiger Reserve (KTR) in the last few months as was evident from the skins recovered from poachers.

A leopard skin recovered in Kagaznagar in the last week of December has been established to be one year old originating from KTR, close to Birsaipet village to be precise. Also, a burnt carcass of a leopard was found near Gangapur in Kadem mandal in the KTR a little earlier in the same month.

Two other leopards were lost near Alinagar-Dongapalli villages in the preceding years. “The credit for survival should go to the animals themselves as there is hardly any protection measure undertaken for them here,” observes a forest officer on condition of anonymity.

It was not until the visit of Nadendla Manohar, former Speaker of Andhra Pradesh, to KTR four days back that the attention of the authorities was drawn strongly towards the need for protection of this animal which belongs to the genus Panthera like the tiger. A keen wildlife enthusiast, he noticed the movement of leopards by way of its distinctive call and through its pug marks wherever he went during his visit.

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