400 hospitalised as tanker releases chemical into river

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Ulhasnagar: Panic gripped Ulhasnagar and surrounding areas in the wee hours of Saturday and 400 people were admitted to various hospitals following a truckload of chemical discharge into Valdhuni river.

These residents were mainly from Valdhuni village, Ashok Nagar, Lasi Galli, Renuka Society and Pahlumal Compound. They developed drowsiness, body pain and breathing difficulty around 4 am, an hour or so after the chemical release.

Naina Asrani (25), a resident of Valdhuni village, said seven members of his family complained of these symptoms one by one. “Around 5am, my mother complained of headache and vomited. Since she had acidity, I gave her some medicine. Soon, her entire body started paining and I felt something’s wrong.

“When I came out of the house, I saw many of my neighbours, too, complaining of the same symptoms. I saw an ambulance and I went back home to bring my mother. Once at home, my bother and his wife, too, told of the same symptoms,” he said.

Dr Ashok Nandapurkar of Ulhasnagar central hospital said about 330 patients came to the with the same complaint. “They were exposed to some chemical agent. Around 35 people have been admitted and 301 people were administered first aid. We have shifted some patients to KEM hospital. About 23 have been admitted to ESIS (Kamgar) hospital,” he said.

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