Just chill, it may be 10 degrees celsius soon

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Hyderabad: Hyderabad is set to witness a further dip in night temperatures. With November 26 recording the lowest temperature so far this winter (13.7ºC), night temperatures may further dip to between 10ºC and 13ºC  in the coming days, said meteorological experts.

The North-Easterly or Northerly winds are responsible for the dip in night temperatures in both Telangana and AP. The dry cold winds are also causing the mercury levels during the day to rise above normal (by 1-2ºC). There is no cloud formation.

M. Narsimha Rao, assistant meteorologist, Indian meteorological department, said, “The lowest minimum temperature is recorded just after sunrise every day.

The dry cold winds are responsible for the dip at night and rise in mercury levels in the morning, Hyderabad is receiving more solar energy. Due to clear skies, there is no cloud formation and the day temperature is staying above normal by 1-2ºC.”

“The lowest temperature Hyderabad ever witnessed was 6.1ºC on January 8, 1946 followed by 7.4ºC on November 26, 1964. January 2015 is likely to be the coldest month,” Mr Rao added.

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