250 People Have Admitted to Having Foreign Black Money Accounts: Jaitley

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NEW DELHI Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will reply today in Lok Sabha to a debate on untaxed or black money stashed away in foreign accounts. In the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, opposition parties like the Congress, Trinamool Congress and Left walked out as the minister spoke, saying they were “disappointed” with his reply.

Mr Jaitley said in the Rajya Sabha that the government will proactively chase offenders and promised not to rest till the last black money account is identified. But he also said that the process would take time. “If we indulge in a populist and adventurist stance, it will help the black money account holders,” he said.

The Finance Minister said, “427 accounts, we have been able to identify very well. 250 of them have admitted to having foreign accounts.” He reiterated the government’s commitment saying, “We took over a half done job from the UPA… it is everyone’s wish that money siphoned off be brought back”.

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