Telangana State’s new policy clears projects in 30 days

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Hyderabad: In a bid to attract investments, the Telangana government on Tuesday introduced the Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS) Bill. Once enacted, it will mandate the government to issue clearances for setting up of industries within 30 days, while mega projects are to be cleared within 15 days in a three-tier system.

Applications for projects will be deemed to have been approved if orders are not issued within the specified timeframe. Permissions will be given at different levels depending on the size of the investment.

The Bill is a precursor to the Telangana industrial policy slated to be tabled in the Legislature. Tabled by minister T. Harish Rao, the Bill also seeks to repeal the existing Andhra Pradesh Single Window Clearance Act of 2002.

According to the proposed legislation, a three-tier system is to be set up depending on the size of the investment. The iPASS Bill envisages a District Committee, a State Level Committee and a Telangana State Wide Investment Facilitation Board (T-SWIFT) for clearing projects. Small investments will be cleared by the District Level Committee itself while larger projects will be cleared by the State Level Committee.

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