Govt. serious for the welfare of Minorities

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Telangana State Assembly voted the budgets of the departments of Minorities Welfare, Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare, BCs Welfare, Women’s Welfare and Housing. Dy. Speaker, Ms. Padma Devender Reddy approved the budgets of these departments through vote of voice.

TDP and BJP members alleged that the Govt. is not serious about the welfare of weaker sections. Responding to the discussions, Mr. E. Rajender, Finance Minister told that the Govt. is not only serious but it will also prove its seriousness by its actions. Government is not bothered about the criticisms of the opposition since it has the will to rebuild Telangana State.

He further said that Govt. will not keep quiet until it builds golden Telangana. It gives top priority to resolve public issues. He rejected the inhibitions of the opposition that the Government will not be able to spend the allotted budget amounts in the next four months. Mr. Rajinder replied that if there is a will, ways will automatically be formed. TRS Govt. would fulfill all its election promises. Very soon Minorities Commission, SCs and STs Commission will also be constituted which will oversee the implementation of welfare schemes for weaker sections.

Targeting TDP and BJP, Mr. Rajender told that these parties are functioning at the instance of Andhra leaders. The agenda of Anti-Telangana, which CM of A.P., Mr. Naidu has prepared, TDP and BJP are following it. He alleged that Mr. Naidu is creating problems for Telangana State through the Central Govt. Mr. Rajinder advised the BJP leaders to cooperate with the Govt. of Telangana in getting the funds from the Central Govt. since Govt. of Telangana is facing a lot of difficulties due to the non-cooperation of the center.

During the 14 year Telangana struggle, TRS leaders went to villages and elicited information about the rural problems and based on their experience, a people-friendly budget has been prepared for the Government. Instead of criticizing the Government, the opposition should cooperate with TRS to rebuild golden Telangana.

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