Jashodaben separated wife of Modi wants “Modi ka Saath”

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s long separated wife Jashodaben, 62, broke her silence on Friday said that she wants to live with her husband, but she said she don’t want to impose herself on him.

Speaking to Media, Jashodaben said “Agar wo lene aaye tho mai tayyar hoon” (If he comes and take me, I am all ready).
Jashodaben is a retired Govt Teacher lives with his elder brothers in north Gujrat. She never met her husband even after he rose as a prime minister.

Modi married her in 1968 when they were teenagers, but left home soon after the Wedding. Modi officially acknowledged her as his wife for the first time while filling his Nomination of parliamentary elections.

All that’s missing is Jashodaben breaking into “O jaanewale ho sake to laut ke aana.” No judgement on Modi though because, well, men are like that only. However Modi has not responded yet.

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