Man vs wild: Terrifying time at zoo as safari bus breaks down

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Hyderabad: A Sunday outing at the Nehru Zoological Park turned into a terrifying experience for about 30 people after their bus broke down in the middle of their tiger safari tour.

While some risked their lives and boarded another completely packed bus in the middle of the safari, the remaining who were in the bus, almost got killed when the bus rolled down the slope where it broke down.

The driver was not in the bus when it rolled down the pathway. He, however, ran after the bus, jumped inside and applied the brake. Minor injuries were reported.

Mohd Kazim Ali, a retired police inspector and witness to the incident was shocked, as there were lions in the vicinity and an attack was just seconds away. “Being a Sunday, the zoo was jam packed.The safari too had a lot of people We boarded the bus at about 2 pm and once we entered the second main gate inside the safari, our bus broke down.

He alerted the main office and asked for an empty vehicle to be sent. After about 20 minutes, we saw another bus that was full and there was no way 30 of us could fit into it,” Mr Ali said.
“About 15 of us stuffed ourselves inside the  bus. The driver of the bus that broke down was still trying to fix it when suddenly it started rolling down the slope. He chased the bus and jumped into it and applied the brake just before it crashed. After almost an hour, another packed bus was sent to us and we got into it and got out of the safari,” he added.
Mr Ali’s son, Mohd. Junaid Ali, said, “We were scared to death as any disturbance would disturb the pack and they would attack. Later, we spoke to the driver and he said that a similar incident of had happened just a day ago. We informed staff at the director’s office but they did not bother and were very rude. They said that it was no big deal as no one had died or had been injured. We spoke to the director and gave a written complaint.”
Zoo curator B.N.N. Murthy said a complaint had been received and they were looking into the matter.
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