Meet the woman who woke up in morgue refrigerator 11 hrs after being declared dead

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London: A woman recently woke up in a Polish morgue refrigerator 11 hours after being declared dead, it has been reported.

The OAP staff at the morgue got the fright of their lives as the Janina Kolkiewicz’s body bag began to move, the Daily Star reported.

The 91-year-old was declared dead after being found lying on the floor at her home in Ostrow Lubielski in eastern Poland by her family.

Director of births and deaths registry in the town, Henryk Klementewicz, said that neither he nor his predecessor who headed the office for 30 years have ever come across anything like this.

Ms Kolkiewicz, since her recovery, has been getting back to her old self by enjoying tea and pancakes. (ANI)

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