What PM Modi can learn from Barack Obama’s loss: Don’t forget the faithful

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As Narendra Modi closes in on a full half-year in power, the big question that looms is this: has he done enough to keep the faithful who voted for him happy? His critics have found little to criticise him for because he has been talking more of his social agenda (toilets, inclusive banking) than the full-blown right-wing stuff they had expected from him. But his own supporters – both old and new – will be wondering when their payoff will come. The vocal ones are wondering if Modi has forgotten all about them.

It is tempting to speculate on what Modi’s trajectory will be in terms of popularity with his own support base at a time when President Obama in the US has been substantially disowned by those who had invested their hopes in him. Supporters are saying “No, he can’t” about the man who told them “Yes, we can”.

In an interesting analysis of President Obama’s fall from grace in the US, as evidenced by the recent election results where the Republicans gained control of both houses and won more governorships than the Democrats, Pratap Bhanu Mehta says in The Indian Express today (7 November) that Obama’s failure was more the result of his own followers loss of faith in him that the wounding attacks of his critics.

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